2022 Submission Guidelines

Sea Change is open to the entire 4Cs community! We accept entries from full- or part-time students, faculty, adjunct faculty, staff members, and alumni. We also accept submissions from students, faculty and staff at the Center for Corporate and Professional Education at Cape Cod Community College in Hyannis, MA, as well as from high school students who attend schools in Barnstable or Plymouth County. All are welcome to submit.

We are presently accepting submissions for Spring 2022. Our deadline is March 1, 2022 at midnight EST.

Multiple Submissions

We will consider up to two fiction or nonfiction manuscripts (fewer than 1,500 words each), two short works of drama (1-5 pages each), up to four poems (1-5 pages each) and up to six visual art pieces. Even if you don’t think your art conforms to what you think we expect, or if it doesn’t 100% fit our guidelines, send it anyways! We are very open to new ideas and formats – we will accept nontraditional submissions in fields such as the culinary arts, song lyrics, investigative journalism, and many more. We only ask that you make sure to adhere to the word limits outlined above.

Unfortunately we are limited to print media and cannot publish audio, video, or other digital media, but if you would still like your digital art to be featured on our blog contact us through our email at

If you would like to be published anonymously, please make sure to indicate it on your submission form. We will need to have your contact information for the review process, but will keep your work confidential and not include your name in our final journal.

Simultaneous submissions to other publications are acceptable as long as you inform us of the dual submissions and advise us immediately if the work is to be published in another magazine.  All work must be previously unpublished to qualify.

Manuscript Guidelines

Following these simple instructions will streamline the review process. Please double check everything before you submit to make sure that it fits the guidelines!

What to send

  • Fiction and non-fiction pieces must be double-spaced, in 12-point font, limited to fewer than 1,500 words. Please let us know if the piece is fiction or non-fiction.
  • Poetry and drama must be in 12-point font, limited to 1-5 pages.
  • All submissions must be submitted electronically in a Microsoft Word document or Google Document and labeled with a descriptive title that does NOT include your name.
  • If you are submitting multiple pieces, please submit them in separate documents.
  • Please number all of your pages and do not include your name in the document.

Where to send

Visual Art and Photography Guidelines

We are happy to accept scanned and/or photographed art of any medium, including but certainly not limited to drawings, paintings, photography, sculpture, prints, graphic design, and interdisciplinary projects. Please review the following requirements carefully when preparing your submission.

What to send

  • Art submissions should be in a JPEG or TIFF format. Please label your documents with a descriptive title that does NOT include your name.
  • All artwork files should be a minimum of 300 dpi. Please ensure your photos are not blurry and in as high quality as possible. This is particularly important as we need each photo to be high quality in order to print it in the magazine.
  • Please specify the medium and size of the original piece of artwork in the submission form.
  • We accept both black and white and color images.
  • Some photographic submissions may require a signed model release form. You will be contacted if this is necessary.

Where to send

Our email address is – feel free to contact us with any questions. We look forward to reviewing your work and good luck!